OOO GeconaPACK is a member of the Gecona Group Germany.
OOO GeconaPACK carries out preliminary work such as: Devising the technological part of the equipment to be supplied and preparing details about the types of energy required, drawing up the work project for the equipment to be supplied, Technical supervision of project work, Certification of the equipment ordered, Technical supervision of equipment while being built by the manufacturer.

GeconaPACK’s main activities revolve around assembly supervision: Technical, technological and organizational supervision of every stage from the assembly and start-up of the production lines or individual equipment supplied to the manufacture of the finished product matching the predefined specification, Coordinating the activities of the client’s experts and contractors with the suppliers’ chief engineers, Training employees to operate equipment by themselves, Adapting new or existing engineering systems to the equipment to be supplied, Optimizing equipment functions, technological processes and production organization, Coordinating the use of new and existing equipment as well as control signals between them, including possible control system optimization,
Fine-tuning production line operation until the finished product is manufactured smoothly to the predefined specification within the period agreed following start-up Development and start-up of systems for logging ingredients and finished products.

An important range of work of GeconaPACK is the mentoring of the work of the lines or equipment after the put-into-operation:

Guarantee and post-guarantee servicing as well as equipment maintenance, Optimization of production, range expansion, supply of spare parts, Troubleshooting and elimination of the source of equipment malfunctioning, Repair of equipment and individual modules, Development, production, installation and start-up of non-standard electronic control systems, mechanical modules and spare parts to replace or augment existing items.

The Russian company OOO GeconaPack is a team of specialists with longtime experiences in the field of work with equipment by all important suppliers from Europe.

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